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Worker Repairing Roof

Restorative Roof Repair & Maintenance Services

Maintaining the covering of your home and business is important. By turning to Christian's Roofing Corp, you can take advantage of roof maintenance services that will help you keep up it looking attractive and function correctly. Call or email us today to tackle your project.

Leak Repair

If your roof leaks, let our professionals repair it. There are many reasons that can cause seepage in your covering such as improper installation, low-quality product, harsh weather, or age. No matter the issue, our roof repair team has the knowledge and tools to resolve it.

Before fixing the leak, we complete a detailed assessment of your roof. During this examination, we find the source of the problem and determine what should be done. In severe cases, a re-roofing may need to be completed. If a simple leak repair is all your covering needs, we finish it in a timely manner.

Worker Assessing Roof Damage

Pressure Washing

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is easy when you hire us. With the help of our mobile pressure washing services, your covering will be completely cleaned to maintain its appearance and increase its lifespan. We use a versatile unit that allows us to wash away all kinds of debris from shingles.

While you may have us pressure wash your roof as a standalone service, it can be added on to any of our other services. Contact us for more details.